Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lessons for Business From Creative Researchers

What if an MRI machine could cost one or two thousand dollars instead of one or two million? 

What if we could use enzymes to predict and maybe treat ovarian and breast cancers before they even started to grow? 

What if just by timing the delivery of medicine we could make $500 per month cancer drugs as effective as $35,000 per month drugs?

We recently had the pleasure of being part of an audience of exceptional researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs hosted by the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic and these were some of the projects they shared.

What really impressed us was their focus, determination and drive for excellence. In many organizations any change or innovation has to get past a lot of history, resistance and tradition. These people were all passionately getting on with making the world a better place as best they were able.

 Something for many business organizations to think about.


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