Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Koliso’s Perspective Gets Results

Psychology, as a science, provides a lens and proven toolsets that we use to set the path to desired outcomes. Koliso brings this unique perspective when you need support with leadership development, employee engagement, changes in culture and making effective transitions. Here are some highlights on these topics from our website and news archive.

A Model for Leadership

A Fortune 100 company in the financial services sector sought a leadership development program specifically tailored for their high-potential managers who might be ready to lead a business unit or region.

In the three years since Koliso initiated this personalized program, the outcomes were viewed so highly that the organization also adopted key features nationally as a best practice for leadership development programs from middle managers up to regional and business unit roles. Read more about this case study.

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Employee Engagement that Lasts

A leading U.S. manufacturer with 27 locations wanted to hold an annual conference to provide managers with an experience that combined specific content with skill building and team building. Koliso produced highly interactive, tailored sessions on trust and influence that fully integrated into their offsite program.

The managers and staff built plans around introducing more influential management techniques to their teams and integrating their safety and engagement strategies into their regular management programs. Read more about this case study.

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Managing Cultural Change

A large government organization with a $600 million budget and more than 3,000 employees wanted to introduce an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The project was clearly a culture-changing initiative.

Koliso worked with their team using tailored implementation kick-off training along with team-building and change-management skills and continued to provide executive coaching to the senior leadership as the change progressed.

This initiative exceeded the change management investment by more than 50 percent in the first 12 months of implementation. Read more about this case study.

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Rapid and Effective Transition

A Fortune 500 organization with hundreds of locations along the east coast wanted to orient a new CEO as quickly and effectively as practical.

Koliso created a highly tailored new leader transition process that was built around interviews with senior executives who communicated their vision for the organization, their leadership style and how they could best help on-board the new CEO. The results were incorporated into an intensive leadership offsite for the senior management team. The senior executives said the project brought “strategic value” beyond any ordinary orientation. Read more about this case study.

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